The Brussels Bistro Story

Heneliza grew up in Maringa, a small town in Brazil.  When growing up, the highlight of the week for Heneliza was always Sunday dinner when the entire family would get together to eat, drink and socialize.  Because preparations for Sunday dinner took place all throughout the week, Heneliza was exposed at a young age to the kitchen where she developed her love for cooking and her deep appreciation of how a good meal could reinforce family bonds and the closeness of family and friends.

Marco spent his youth working in his father’s restaurant in Belgium at the Grand Place of Brussels.  Most, if not all of his brothers, cousins and other family members were in the restaurant business.  As a 12-year-old kid in a restaurant, Marco not only earned pocket change but also developed a passion for food and an interest in the business side of cuisine.

After the two fell in love, Heneliza and Marco’s passion for food blossomed even further.  On a trip to visit the Marco family in Europe, Heneliza spent some time working with the famous Belgium cook Claude Henry and Marco’s cousins learning as much as she could about Belgium cuisine.

Years later, Heneliza and Marco got the opportunity of a lifetime when they were presented with an offer to purchase a small Belgium restaurant in downtown Nassau.  After visiting the restaurant, Heneliza decided she could definitely do a better job running it and the decision was made to buy it.

The restaurant has undergone a major transformation and now boasts an entirely new menu.  Heneliza and Marco even brought Claude Henry to Nassau to train their Bahamian chefs and kitchen staff.

The restaurant is now open for business and Marco and Heneliza can’t wait to share their unique Belgium cuisine with all of Nassau.